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Mealtime Tips

Just as you start to feel you are getting the hang of milk feeding baby, you leap into the world of solids. But it doesn’t need to be scary or stressful. Here are my top tips for healthy baby mealtimes. ⠀
1. Embrace the mess. Starting solids is a journey of exploration. Children love to play with their food and smear it into their faces or the high chair. This is normal. Meal times should be a fun experience.
2. Don’t rush. When spoon feeding your baby try and match your baby’s pace. They might hold the food in their mouth and move it around before swallowing. Look for cues that baby has had enough food (becoming bored, losing attention, clamping mouth shut) and pack away. ⠀
3. Stay with your baby during meal times. Make sure they are safe and secured in the high chair. Most babies will gag when starting solids. This is normal and is a mechanism to prevent choking. Although it can be unnerving, try not to panic. Do not offer foods that are considered a choking risk such as nuts, small round foods (grapes and cherry tomatoes can be quartered) or hard foods (such as raw carrot and apple). ⠀
4. Relax and enjoy the journey. Starting solids is an exciting journey. Your baby will react to your verbal and non-verbal cues. Babies respond best to a relaxed, happy mealtime. Remember that’s it’s normal for baby’s appetite to vary day to day just like yours. ⠀


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