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Chicken Bone Broth

Chicken Bone Broth
Chicken Bone Broth
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Our chicken bone broth is simmered over 24-hours to extract the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants naturally occurring within the wholesome ingredients.

It can be used as a nutrient-rich drink or used instead of water when preparing food for the whole family.

Some of the amazing benefits of bone broth include;

1. A good source of protein and is easily consumed and easily absorbed by the body. 
2. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Tiny Turtle Baby Food Bone Broth effective way to increase vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into your babies diet. Magnesium contained in bone broth can assist with anxiety, mood, attention and sleep difficulties. 
3. Rich in amino acids. Specifically proline and glycine which promote a healthy gut. Recent research has linked a healthy gut to a healthy brain as well as a host of other mental and physical conditions. These amino acids can also help to strengthen the immune system - so if your bubs is catching every cough and cold going around give it a go!

Our bone broth can also be used by the whole family.

Instructions: Remove the required number of cubes from the freezer. Heat in the microwave until soft or in a bowl over a pan of boiling water (it doesn’t need to be hot) stir and serve. Bone broth can also be added directly to food during cooking.

All packaging is BPA free and products can be stored for 3 months in the freezer - ready anytime you need them.

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