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1 in 20 children will experience a food allergy. Nine foods are responsible for 90% of food allergies. These foods are egg, peanut, cow’s milk (dairy), tree nuts, soy, sesame, wheat, fish and other seafood.
According to the Australian society of clinical immunology and allergy ( the introduction of these foods to your baby’s diet before the age of 12-months can reduce the chances of your baby developing a food allergy.⠀
OK, so we know we should be offering these foods to our baby’s but how do we go about it.
Egg: Well cooked egg can be scrambled or hard boiled (chopped or grated) and added to your puree or eaten alone.⠀
Peanut: Smooth peanut butter can be added in small amounts to your puree or smeared on toast.⠀
Cow’s milk: Babies often enjoy yogurt but once baby has started solid foods cow’s milk can be used in food preparation.⠀
Tree nuts: a small amount of almond meal can be added to purees or almond or cashew butter can be smeared on toast.⠀
Soy: Tofu makes a simple finger food, soft tofu can be mashed and added to your puree.⠀
Fish: Fish can be cooked and added to your puree or eaten by itself. Check out the Tiny Turtle Baby Food Organic Snapper and Citrus Vegies. ⠀
Sesame: Sesame seeds can easily be added to most foods or you can smear some hummus (containing tahini – ground sesame seeds) on some toast or add to your puree.⠀
Wheat: toast fingers are popular or add small pieces of pasta or stir through some cous cous into your baby’s puree.⠀
It’s important that once you have introduced an allergen to your baby’s diet, that you continue to offer it regularly. ⠀
What should you do if your baby has an allergic reaction?
If you notice any swelling of the lips, eyes or face, hives or welts, vomiting, or any change in your baby’s well-being (becoming very unsettled), soon after giving a new food, your baby could be having an allergic reaction. You should stop feeding your baby that food and seek medical advice. If you are concerned or need any information regarding food allergies see your healthcare professional.⠀


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