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Drinking Water

From 6-months you should start to introduce drinking water to your baby. ⠀
It’s important to remember that breast milk or formula is still required to be the main drink for your baby for the first 12 months.

How to introduce water?
Introduce water in a sippy cup, straw cup or open cup if you prefer - there are many options. Offering water in a cup rather than a bottle gives bubs the opportunity to learn how to sip from a cup. Offer water regularly at meal times and throughout the day. ⠀

Do I need to boil my baby’s drinking water? ⠀
The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend that babies consume cooled, boiled tap water until they reach the age of 12-months. ⠀

Cleaning and sterilising of cups. ⠀
It is not usually necessary to sterilise cups as long as they are washed and dried properly. Make sure cups, especially straw cups are completely dismantled regularly and washed with hot, soapy water or put through the dishwasher. ⠀


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