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First Tastes

At around 6 months (but not before 4 months) your baby will begin to show signs that they are ready to start solid foods. Look for the following signs that you baby is ready to start solids.
1. Your baby has good head and neck control and can sit well when supported.
2. Your baby is starting to show an interest in foods - usually what mum is eating.
3. Your baby opens his or her mouth when food is offered.
When bubs is displaying these signs they are developmentally ready to handle the new skills associated with eating.
Tiny Turtle Baby Food Variety Packs are perfect for starting solids. They provide ten different organic vegetable smooth purees - ready to heat and serve. Starting solids with vegetable purees allows you baby to experience savoury and bitter flavours before moving on to fruits.
We recommend serving each vegetable individually to allow your baby to experience each flavour and colour - and then mix them up to create your own flavours.


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