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Introducing Texture

Between 6 and 7 months of age bubs will be ready for puree with more texture. Introducing texture in an integral step in your babies eating development. Look for the following signs that bub is ready to move from a smooth to a textured puree.
1. Bub can handle a thicker puree without any problems
2. Bub starts to move the puree around their mouth
3. You may start to see a chewing motion as they move the food around their mouth. 
Introducing your baby to a wide variety of different textures promotes healthy and varied eating habits. Tiny Turtle Baby Food is made in small batches and each of the stage two varieties has a slightly different texture. This is designed to challenge your baby and promote healthy eating development.⠀

Unlike commercial baby food which has very little texture due to the high volume manufacturing process – we love the natural texture of our foods and know that it’s a great thing for your baby.


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